Dali International Art Lyceum

Міжнародний Арт Ліцей

імені Сальвадора Далі


The system of education is extremely diverse and being fulfilled by means of ar-tistic innovations:
English, Chinese, German
mathematics, engineering, coding
UNESCO ECO program
creativeness strand
wellness program

We are with you from preschooler to Master!


Dali — is a family-like institution that grows with the child: your baby gradually moves from preschool to elementary school, then to the lyceum and falling into the chosen strand of specialized artistic education.


Powerful academic training

Our goal: languages ​​and mathematics study in-depth by means of artistic innovations


Individual approach to the child's psychotype

The combination of a strong learning structure with a sensitive attitude to children, to their creativity and desires, helps children learn without undue stress and overload


Licensed training program

Upon graduation, a state standard document is issued:

  • Certificate of incomplete general secondary education (compulsory) and
  • Certificate for the International Bilingual Program


The program takes considers the requirements of NUS (for grades 1-4) on the bilingual system (50/50)

Children are engaged in the NUS program (New Ukrainian School) + International bilingual program through artistic innovations


UNESCO ECO program

Children receive tactile and spatial knowledge through an environmental program that has been certified by UNESCO. UNESCO’s ecological program for environmental protection, observation of the development of the surrounding world takes place in eco-laboratories: «ECO-GREENHOUSE», «ECO-RESYCLING» «ECO-KITCHEN»; «ECO-FARM» (contact zoo)


Learning takes place in small groups

Classes of 12-15 people allow to involve lyceum students in teamwork, to cultivate skills of mutual respect for the opinion of others. At the same time, such structure of classes allows the teacher to carry out individual work with each lyceum student and understand his/her features.


Personal approach

DALI INTERNATIONAL ART LYCEUM teachers know how to unleash your child’s creative potential through a comprehensive and modern approach to education, where children acquire knowledge and practical skills at a comfortable pace. Students and lyceum students have the opportunity to study and attend master classes lead by the professors of the higher school of Salvador Dali Art Academy.


Scientific activity of school and lyceum students

  • children actively participate in all scientific developments and platforms under the program of the Academy of Sciences (Junior Academy of Sciences) of Ukraine
  • publish their own scientific journal (accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine) and have the proud status of young scientists-developers


Health care

  • food from the best company IZHAK (general, vegetarian, lactose-free, dietary menu)
  • sensory-salt room, oxygen foams, active walks


Address: Kyiv
st. North Syretska 1-3